2010, the beginning of Kin-Shachi Font Project.

In 2010 Nagoya city celebrate its 400th anniversary of goverment.Nagoya Castle was begun to build at 1610 and at the same time the capital of Owari feudal clan was moved from Kiyosu into Nagoya. Nagoya gradually grew up by the relocation of the capital of Owari and now Nagoya becomes the 4th biggest city in population in Japan. At the top of Nagoya Castle a pair of the golden statue of imaginary whales proudly set up. These statues are friendly called “Kin-Shachi” by the citizen of Nagoya and these are the powerful symbol of Nagoya and Owari. For the commemorative 2010, we are going on the project to realize the Kin-Shachi font in cooperation with NAGOYA DESIGN WEEK and the designers in Nagoya. To begin with, we will open the  sketch of Kin-Shachi Font to the public in 1st November 2009. We are sure you will like it. NAGOYA DESIGN WEEK

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