City Font Project


The City Font Project has the concept to realize the identity of city by importing respective indivisuality and attractiveness of the city into the font. By applying the font to the every media unitedly, the City Font does let the city identity build up, does let the citizen unite, and will be the tool to express the regional attractiveness effectively.


The struggle of survival becomes very keen between the cities all over the Europe, so there is a growing tendency toward building up the brand of the city. At Rome and Seoul, in the field of visual communication such as guide sign of the landscape, web site, poster, leaflet, the citizen of those cities are effectively progressing to make the brand of city with the font not only with the beauty and functionality, but also with the design imported from the attractiveness of the city in it.

Three Elemental importance of the City Font


  • Typeface with a characteristic of dialect (Accent, Intonation, etc)
  • Typeface with a taste of the region (Strongly flavored, lighter flavored, smooth tasted, rich, etc)
  • Typeface with a nature of citizens there (openhearted, gentle, quiet, etc)
  • Typeface with a climate of the region (Cold, cloudy, snowy, rough wave, mountain range, stream of a river, etc)
  • Typeface with a motif of monuments, plants and animals peculiar to the region (Ruins, flowers, insects, birds, etc)


  • Typeface from which the citizen are able to feel their native landscape
  • Typeface with which economical, caltural effects will appear in a long-term, wide usage
  • Typeface by which tourists can understand the nature of the city due to the unified design
  • Typeface for any kind of publicity such as guide signs, panphlets, and so on
  • Publicness

    • Typeface with which the citizens are able to be proud of their city
    • Typeface which is in harmony with the vista of the city
    • Typeface which is born in a process with the satisfaction of the citizens
    • Typeface which is dedicated to the citizen's convenience and which is offered and managed for pubilc interest