City Font In The World

Here is the collection of the fonts dedicated to the cities from the wold. There are many kind of fons made with the nature of the cities, for the functionality of the cities, and so on.

Bristol England

Mede in a context of designing the city with the keyword "Bristol Legible City". Readability (legibility) is highly intended. Used unitedly in the signs of the city and guide maps, etc.

Southampton England

Made in a context of designing the brand of the city, dedicated to the one of the eminent port town, Southampton. It consists of the face for the display, and three weights for body text.

Rome Italy

Made with a face of Roman Type because the shape and the atmosphare of roman type are characteristic of the Rome. It consists of the face for body text suitable for any kind of media, and the face for the signs being narrower than the face for body text.

Seoul Korea

Made for the organizations affiliated with the Seoul metropolitan city, used for the billboards, guide signs of the roads and metroes. Distributed with no fee for the use of persons and companies in the Seoul city.

Berlin Germany

Made for the campaign of Berlin city, "be Berlin". It consists of the face for heading and the face for body text, each faces have two weights and italic variants.

Belfast Ireland

Made in a context of designing the brand of the city, used in the publicity and campaigns. In the campaign the letter "B" expressing the image of the heart is used as a icon, and it is included in the desital font.

Toulouse France

Made for the visual identity of the Toulouse city with a flow of Garonne river. The family has four faces including the face for heading.


  • Bristol's photo by rbrwr
  • Southampton's photo by garybembridge
  • Rome's photo by permanently vengomatto
  • Seoul's photo by d'n'c
  • Berlin's Photo by seier+seier+seier
  • Belfast's photo by lyng883
  • Toulouse's photo by neovain